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      Democratic National Convention draws families for educational experience

      The theme of the Democratic National Convention is 'Americans Coming Together."

      The Democratic National Convention is serving as more than just a political event; it's also serving as a once in a lifetime educational experience.

      As the DNC kicks off this week, thousands of people, including families, are planning to attend the events in downtown Charlotte.

      "It's a good educational experience," said visitor Sam McNeil. "They (my family) can see something that the city has never experienced."

      In addition to learning more about government, McNeil said it's also a time for his family to see the way media works.

      "They (my family) can see a lot of media and others that they would otherwise not get to see if we didn't come down here," McNeil added. "It's just a good experience for them."

      Monday's activities include CarolinaFest, a family-friendly Labor Day festival.

      Throughout the week well-known politicians and celebrities are expected to speak. President Barack Obama will accept his nomination on Thursday evening, according to the convention schedule.

      We have a team on the ground in Charlotte bring you the latest news and information from the 2012 Democratic National Convention.