Demand for truck drivers means huge financial opportunity

In the past five to seven years the trucking industry has been facing an enormous decline in employment.

This decline can be detrimental to the economy in more ways than one.

Although the trucking industry has seen that decline, there are some financial benefits, if you join the industry.

"The trucking industry is changing and trying to change to be more supportive of people with families. There are more jobs that are local than ever, um, there are more jobs where people get home with more regularity than ever, they're really working hard, the industry as to make this a family friendly job or career if you will," John Wood Community College Associate Dean Terry Jenkins said.

Joining the truck driving industry could earn you a salary of between $40,000 to $100,000 per year.

There is a four week driving course that must be completed before you receive your truck driving certificate, and once hired by a company, there may be some additional training.

"There is a large demand for drivers, uh, in the industry in general as well as at DOT and we do have open positions for full and part-time drivers as well," DOT Foods Director of Operations Duskee Kassing said.

If the industry doesn't see an increase soon, the economy could be facing huge problems such as products not being delivered, manufacturers and industries won't grow, and it could even create a larger gab in the unemployment rate.

"And in the United States, that's critical for us right now, knowing that we're outsourcing to China and we're outsourcing to Mexico, it's, it's incredibly important that we get the drivers in the United States to support industry and the product that need to be delivered," Kassing said.

If employment in the trucking industry continues to decline, this could be a problem for transporting goods across country.

JWCC's Truck Driving Course costs just under $4,000 with an annual income projected as high as $100,000.

Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.