Delivering meals on Thanksgiving becomes family tradition for Quincy woman

Hoffman and her two nieces deliver a meal

For many people during this holiday season, they spend the day alone or are unable to leave their residence... that's where Meals on Wheels comes in.

For Lisa Hoffman and her two nieces, delivering meals on Thanksgiving has become a family tradition, and something they look forward to.

Hoffman feels that she's giving back to an organization that touched her family especially.

"Years ago, my grandmother had them delivered. She was able to stay in her home longer because of Meal on Wheels. I really feel like it's a great program. It'd be great if more people could volunteer," Hoffman said.

Hoffman's nieces Jessica and Samantha live in St. Louis and have spent the last two Thanksgivings volunteering their time.

"Well, I think it's everyone's job to give back what they can. This one of the ways we do it, our aunt has helped us find this way to do it. It's also another way for us to spend time with our aunt when we come back to Quincy. It's also nice just to be able to know that you're making a difference in someone's day, especially a day like this," said Jessica.

Over 150 meals were delivered today and were funded by an organization Hoffman is proud to be part of.

"We always do it, the Noon Kiwanis, they do this every year. We pay for the meals, and all the Noon Kiwanis, they deliver them. It's just to give back to the community, it's nice. They have volunteers that do it all year, and it gives them a day off, so it's really nice," said Hoffman.

" It's great, I mean it puts a smile on your face when you give them the meals, and they realize that you're actually helping them. They look forward to it on Thanksgiving, and it makes you feel great, it does," Samantha said.

The Meals on Wheels program serves around 250 meals each day in the Quincy community alone.