Deck the halls of Quincy Museum

The Quincy Museum's exhibit theme this year is, "Santa's Coming to Town".

Christmas trees, mistletoes, garland, the Quincy Museum pulled out all the stops for this year's Christmas exhibit.

The museum has been decorating for the holidays since 1984 but it wasn't until 2004 that it had a new theme every year. This year it's "Santa's Coming to Town."

Barbara Wilkinson, executive director of the museum, says it's one of the best exhibits, she's seen.

"We try to have something here for everybody," Wilkinson said. "We just want to remind everybody that the spirit of Christmas is still alive here at the Quincy museum.

That it is. This year it took Wilkinson and ten other volunteers almost three weeks to deck the museum halls.

"It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun and the result is certainly worth it," Wilkinson said.

Some of the rooms in the museum were sponsored and decorated by local businesses and organizations.

"I hope that these folks will come in and they'll bring their family and friends to see what they did here at the museum," Wilkinson said. "This museum does belong to the community and we want to share the beauty of the Quincy Museum during the holiday season with everybody."

So if you're looking for Santa, make sure to visit the Quincy Museum, a place he's guaranteed to go when he comes to town.