Deadly shooting at Sikh temple

Authorities in Oak Creek, Wisconsin say at least seven people are dead after a shooting at a Sikh Temple Sunday morning.

Multiple police departments responded after a 9-1-1 call saying a man walked into a Sikh Temple and started shooting.

Police say the first officer to respond was a 20 year veteran with experience as a tactical officer. They say he and the gunman exchange gunfire. Police say the officer was shot several times and is now in surgery. The gunman is presumed dead.

At a mid-afternoon news briefing police said at least four people are dead inside the temple and three outside. They believe one of those outside is the shooter.

In addition to the officer, one other person was taken to the hospital.

The nephew of one of the shooting victims says if the shooting had happened just a short time later many more people would have been at the service.

Police do not believe a second shooter was involved.

Police describe the situation as "fluid."

KHQA will keep you updated as details become available.