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      Daylight Donuts settles in to new, expanded facility

      If you pick up a donut in the Tri-States, there a good chance it was made here. Workers here at Daylight Donut make more than six thousand donuts a day, which are transported to gas stations and grocery stores all over the Tri-States.

      Daylight Donuts has expanded, opening a new location at 18th and Broadway last week. Since then business hasn't skipped a beat. Click here to watch how workers roll out the shop's glazed donuts.

      Owner Babs Lock says the investment in the new facility was a big step, but was needed to address the growing pains the business was experiencing.

      "We needed more room and so here we are," Lock said. "It's rewarding and scary all at the same time. We hope business picks up like we expect it to."

      Click here to watch more from Daylight Donuts on KHQA This Morning.

      Although morning breakfast is their namesake, what you may not know is that Daylight Donuts serves lunch items all day long, starting off at 5 a.m.

      "Not everyone works an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job," Lock said. "People are hungry at all different times has the same schedule. So we cater to people, no matter their shift."

      Daylight Donuts has been in business in Quincy for nine years.

      In that time Owner Babs Lock says her staff has doubled to around 20 people.