Daycare options for parents

On Friday May 14, Walter Hammond Daycare temporarily closed its doors, which means Monday, May 17th many families were stuck without a place to take their kids when they go to work.

We spoke with the Executive Director of West Central Child Care Connection Karen Points about what other options parents have.

She says one option is to go to another child care center.

There are other centers that offer payments based on an income scale like Walter Hammond did.

And for all child care centers the state of Illinois has what Karen Points calls 'very fair guidelines for assistance for low income families.'

Another option is to take your children to family or close friends.

While you may trust those people, the West Central Child Care Connection has something you should think about before making that decision.

"If you're using your sister or your best friend. What if your not happy with what you're seeing with your child, how hard is it to break off that relationship," said Points.

If you have any questions about what child care option may be best for you or if you are eligible for assistance, you can contact the West Central Child Care Connection at (217) 222-2550.