Dangerous intersections in Palmyra

Roughly 10,000 vehicles travel on US Highway 61 at Palmyra every day.

That can make it difficult for drivers to enter or cross the highway.

One of those sections just happens to be where a fatal accident happened Thursday, October 21st when a motorcyclist was hit and killed by an oncoming car while trying to cross the highway.

KHQA's Jarod Wells sat down with Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue.

This KHQA Safe Family Report shows you why these intersections are so dangerous and whether they'll change in the near future.

Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue said, "They can be very dangerous because of the speeds that folks come through town on. It's reduced down to 55, but still, 55 is a very high speed when you have those crossovers."

Is speeding an issue in these areas?

Bogue said, "Yes it is. Highway 61 is a main thoroughfare. It goes right through our town and there's no moving the highway. A lot of times townspeople are familiar with the area. The out of town people don't realize, they're just driving like they would on an interstate."

We decided to see just how fast people drive through these intersections. KHQA used a radar gun and clocked people for about ten minutes around noon on Monday. Surprisingly, the fastest we caught a car going was 62. But speed isn't the only danger.

Gina Webb with the Marion County Sheriff's Department said, "It's just yielding to the oncoming traffic. Making sure you have the right of way to get across to the other lane of traffic and making your turns."

Crossing the lanes of traffic isn't just difficult for the average driver, it also can prevent emergency responders from doing their jobs, even with lights and sirens.

Webb said, "When our officers run out on an emergency call and they're running code, when they get to the intersection here it's very difficult to get across the traffic."

Keeping everyone safe on this highway is simple.

Bogue said, "Obey the rules of the road. Take some extra time. It's not worth losing your life for not taking the time or not paying close attention."

Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue told KHQA he had a meeting with MoDOT Monday, October 25th about how to make the intersections on US 61 safer.

He says they are still in the early stages of making a decision on what to do, but wants people to know they are looking into the issue.