Dancing your way into Valentine's Day

People looking to spice up their Valentine's Day weekend put their dancing shoes on and stepped onto the dance floor of Center Stage Music.

The music school held a free Valentine's Latin dance class this weekend at both its Carthage and Quincy locations.

Staff say they thought it would be fun to help spice things up for both couples and singles. Special night classes like these take place about every three months, but your first time in any class is always free when you walk into Center Stage Music.

"When people come to this class, what they normally get out of it is exercise, because we don't normally move like this. The other thing they get out of it is just a lot of fun and it's also a romantic evening as well," Center Stage Owner Chenille Saunders said.

The Salsa dancing takes place every Friday at 6 p.m. in Carthage, Illinois. Then on Saturday, Quincy residents can take the floor.

Center Stage Latin Dance Classes (ages 16+) Saturdays 6:00pm-7:30pm

$60/month per couple OR $20 per Date Night

Couples are needed to participate. Come one night or all month! Call at least 4 hours in advance for reservations!