Dance studio turns eyesore to raised eyebrows

A Hannibal eyesore has been transformed into a vibrant local business.

Karen's Dance Academy recently took over an abandoned optical factory on Lyon Street. Click here to watch more from the old factory - turned dance studio.

From ballet to modern dance - from the look of this place now, you would never know it used to look like this.

What's it like to be here?

"It's just a dream come true," said Karen Frantz, owner and teacher at Karen's Dance Academy. Click here for a partial tour of the highlights of the studios.

The academy is a second home for area dancers for the last 25 years. Karen Frantz says this new location on Lyon Street will be home for the long term.

The process to rent this new home began earlier this year when a local businessman suggested the expansion. With his help, this old facility was purchased and rehabbed, making dance class a totally new experience for its students.

How do you feel about this facility?

"It's awesome. It's very big, " said, 8 year-old dancer Lanie Privett.

"I don't like it; I love it! It's awesome," exclaimed 7 year-old Olivia Mears.

Click here to watch KHQA's Melissa Shriver try her hand at ballet.

The facility features four studios, specialty floors made for dance and a snack room for dancers waiting for class.

Another highlight of the of the new facility is its 24 hour surveillance. There are cameras in every studio which not only offer added security for children, but allows parents to watch them practice from the comfort of their own waiting room.

A new location also means new services, from music lessons to math tutoring.

Click here for a liveshot of the music lessons at Karen's Dance Academy.

"I want them to be able and come and get everything under one roof," said Frantz. "We have certified teachers that will help you with your homework. We have time you can book for your guitar, vocal, piano or pageant piece. We want to make sure those kids have every opportunity to succeed in whatever they do."

Now this award winning dance studio has a facility worthy of its honors.

You have your chance to check out the improvements at the new Karen's Dance Academy location.

The facility will hold a public open house from 6 o'clock - 8 o'clock tonight.

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