Dame And Hurdle Jewelers closing its doors

One of the oldest stores in downtown Quincy will close its doors next year.

Dame and Hurdle Jewelery store was founded in 1945.

KHQA's Jarod Wells stopped in the store today to talk with the owner about why he's selling the store and what the store has meant to Quincy.

Andy Nickelson started working at Dame and Hurdle Jewelers in 1964.

He was hired as a store manager while Dick Hurdle was still the owner.

Nickelson bought out Hurdle in 1980.

Hurdle stayed with the business for another six years and was like a second father to Nickelson.

But 74 year old Andy Nickelson is now ready to retire to Florida with his wife and her four great-grandchildren.

And one other hobby that has been in his family for ages.

"I have a '31 Chevy Coupe that has been in the family since 1931," said Nickelson, "I just want to work on it."

Nickelson says he wants to stay in touch with people, because they have always been a part of his life and he wants to keep it that way.

And he says being with people was one of the best parts of his job..

"What will you miss the most?"

"Oh the people of course," said Nickelson. "I'm very active in my church and a lot of community things. I will always stay active, people are just fun and that's what I'm going to miss the most.

Customers told me they love shopping at Nickelson's store because of the relationship they build with him.

I asked Andy why Dame and Hurdle has meant so much to these customers and the community.

"We're a little bit different than a clothing store or a department store," Nickelson said, "because we really are personal with our customers. We get involved with their marriage and when children come along we sell them gifts for their children. So we are kind of more involved with the family then most stores."

I also asked Nickelson what his favorite type of jewelery was.

And he told me none other than diamonds

"I have always really enjoyed diamonds," said Nickelson. "Even though diamonds are graded the same, their like people. Every diamond has its own characteristics."

Nickelson hopes someone will buy his inventory and open another jewelery store.

He hopes to sell the store by early January.