Dallas City Boxing Club

For the past 24 years, there's been a hidden gem in the Tri-States that's keeping kids off the streets.

If you live in the Dallas City area, you've probably heard of the Dallas City Boxing Club.The Dallas City Boxing Club is more than just boxing.

Lester Eaves with the Boxing Club says, "We don't fight, we box. 90 percent of boxing is being in shape. Anybody can get up there and throw punches, but you gotta be in shape."

Boxer Kyle Tanner says," We usually work out. Then we do our cardio everyday. We lift. And stretch before we do it so we don't pull any muscles."

Boxer Darren Nelson says, "We just train, workout. Sometimes we get in the ring and spar."

This ring was a donation from the Mount Sterling prison a few years ago. It is the center piece of the boxing club which is in the gymnasium of the old Dallas City High School. The club has met here for the last year and a half. It's the third building for the boxing club. Lester Eaves is the president, and buys all of the equipment himself. Eaves was a heavyweight boxer in the Navy, and used to spend a lot of time coaching little league, and loves being around kids. He doesn't like that there's not much for the kids to do in Dallas City.

Eaves says, "When I send them out at night, you don't see them out on the street. They're tired."

And they keep coming back. Eaves doesn't teach the kids boxing to show them how to fight, but what the kids learn from the sport stays with them for life.

Kyle Tanner says, "When you try your hardest and win a fight. That's good."

Some of the kids say they only get to actually box another person about once a month. The rest of the time is spent training.

And no student is allowed to do anything at the boxing club, unless their homework is done first.

The Dallas City Boxing Club is also expanding.

It's recently added Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA training, and it's trying to start up a youth wrestling club.