"Cyber Monday" kicks off online shopping season

Even with a slumping economy, preliminary Christmas sales suggest the holiday shopping season has gotten off to a solid start.

According to ShopperTrak, which tracks retail activities, sales on Black Friday appear to have risen 3 percent from last year to $10.6 billion.

While Friday was a good day for the, known as cyber Monday, marks the online retail industry's kickoff for the holiday shopping season.

And it's getting bigger as more retailers focus online.

The National Retail Federation says more than 80 percent of retailers will have special promotions online today, up from last year.

KHQA's Melissa Shriver talked with 'Your Eletronic Warehouse in Quincy which does 90 percent of its business online.

What's business been like?

Vice President Justin Meats said, "Throughout the entire Christmas season it's how many boxes can we ship out in a day as effectively as possible and come up with promotions."

Millions of people are letting their fingers do the shopping Monday...which has been dubbed "Cyber Monday"...the electronic equivalent of "Black Friday."

Meats said, "People go online and shop from home. Maybe they didn't get the deals in the stores that they thought they would and they're seeing what they can find online."

But while for many Cyber Monday is king...Your Electronic Warehouse Vice president Justin Meats says it's like this all the way up until Christmas...processing around a thousand orders a day. In fact the Christmas season is 20 percent of its total business for the entire year. Like many other online retailers, Your Electronic Warehouse was also offering up some special promotions shipping for any order.