Cuts made to Quincy after school programs

Parents who have kids in after school programs at two schools in Quincy will have to change their plans.

The after school program currently is held at Monroe, Dewey, Adams, and Ellington schools.

Next year, it will only be available at Adams and Ellington.

The Quincy Park District runs these after school programs.

"We even asked the school district if we could pay for the use of the schools and what that cost would be but that's just not an option," said Quincy Park District program director Mike Bruns.

Mike Bruns with the Quincy Park District says he's tried to come up with other plans like bussing students to a school with an after school program.

"They're not going to have enough staff to be able to even do that to have anything available. So when our numbers are so full at some of the other schools, we don't really have the space to bring in the other kids, extra kids than the one's we're already serving at that school," said Bruns.

Right now it's trying to work on another site to hold more after school programs. The Park District has funding for after school programs at four sites.

"We just think it's beneficial for the kids to have a chance to do those activities and the parents know they're in a safe positive environment... Hopefully maybe in the future the school district can put the cuts back in and we can do some things and pick that program back up again," said Bruns.

We also spoke with Quincy Superintendent Lonny Lemon.

He said affected programs have been contacted.

That includes girl scouts and cub scouts.


Jamie Busen, with our news partner WTAD , reports that due to budget cutbacks, the afterschool program the Quincy Park District helps provide at area schools will be impacted in the new school year.

Mike Bruns, director of program services for the Park District, told Commissioners at the monthly meeting Wednesday night that he spoke with Quincy School District Superintendent Lonny Lemon last week.

Lemon said they had to make changes in their custodial staff. The afterschool program had been held at Monroe, Dewey, Adams and Ellington schools. Because of those changes, the program will no longer be offered at Monroe and Dewey after this school year.

Bruns said because of those same changes, the program can't be offered in the future at Berrian or Washington, and Madison school partners with the YMCA for their program.

Bruns said about 30 to 35 students were served each at Monroe and Dewey.

He added he was hopeful that by next month's Board meeting, he'll be able to share with Commissioners some options for moving forward.

Commissioners Wednesday night also voted to approve several low bids for projects. Those included:

$30,878.25 to purchase new aluminum picnic tables for South Park. That will include 48 regular tables and 6 ADA tables.

$20,295.00 to purchase a replacement trailer mounted towable boom lift.

$31,550.00 for the repairing and color finishing of the tennis courts in South Park and one court at Madison Park. That money is coming from the Tennis Trust Fund.

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