Cuts help balance JWCC budget for 2013

John Wood Community College once again has a balanced budget.

This comes despite the ongoing failure of the state to pay the school on time.

On Wednesday night, the Board of Trustees approved a 15-million-dollar budget for 2013.

That's about 4 percent lower than last year's budget.

Four full-time and three part-time positions had to be eliminated in order to balance this budget.

Staff and administration raises were also cut and operating expenses in some departments were reduced.

School President Dr. John Letts said that cuts at the state level have also forced the school to take on an additional burden for the sake of our veterans.

"The state has always offset the cost for Illinois veterans in the Illinois Veterans Grant. They've pulled that back. That's gonna impact us, you know, up to $200,000 that we're going to have to find money for," President Letts said.

Dr. Letts says students and staff should feel little, if any, effect from the cost cutting measures.

He says the most important thing is that the school continue to live within its means, while preparing for the possibility that even more state responsibilities could be put on the shoulders of the school in the future.