Cut though the fitness clutter and hit the gym in 2013

When getting back into the gym, Cheryl Loatsch says don't go at it alone.

One of the most popular New Year's resolution is to loose weight or get back into shape but if you haven't been to the gym in a while, getting back into a routine can intimidating.

"There's so much noise about exercise particularly at this time of the year and weight loss and dieting and all of that noise is going to confuse you," Cheryl Loatsch, owner of Cheryl Loatsch Studio said. "You need to really just focus on what works best for you."

Cheryl Loatsch, owner of Cheryl Loatsch Studio has been in the fitness industry for 37 years. She says finding the right workout spot is crucial.

"The place that you're going to needs to be inviting so that it kind of over shadows some of the negative parts you have to deal with," Loatsch said.

Like the actual workout. When creating your fitness plan, Loatsch encourages weight training.

"The weight room is so important for females as well as males but the female does have a tendency to shy away from that weight room thinking that it's going to increase your size versus," Loatsch said. "That's furthest from the truth it actually makes those muscles more toned and look better."

When hitting the weights don't go at it alone.

"The people that I find that are most successful are the people that are connected in someway to someone at their gym or they have a walking partner or somebody comes to their house and does a tape with them," Loatsch said. "Many times they would love to hit that alarm but they know somebody is going to be waiting there."

But none of this hard work will pay off if you're not eating properly.

"It really is the basis to everything that goes on with them," Loatsch said. "How their mind works, how body works, how they function daily."

Loatsch recommends buying the bulk of your food from the produce side of grocery store.

Now that you have all the tools to create your workout plan, don't be afraid to get on scale and make your fitness resolution a reality.

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