Custom wall cut-outs hot this year

There's a new gift sensation this Christmas.

They're called Wall Stars and are basically are a life size cut-out of people, pets and personal photos printed on vinyl that sticks to the wall.

The best part is the cut-outs can be put on and removed from all clean, smooth surfaces with no mess.

Only a high resolution picture of eight mega pixels is required.

The Bowtree Custom Shop in the Quincy Mall began offering them recently and has already seen folks flocking in to put their children's sports pictures and personal photos on this life like display.

Owner Mike Ray said, "It's a great way to personalize a room with a full size picture of a child or dog or cat. You can put it up on the wall and not ruin the wall. People like them because they're so big, they're almost lifesize."

Other hot items here are these metal cut-out signs.

He says this year it seems personalizing gifts are the thing to do.