Culver-Stockton making room for student surge

Culver-Stockton College is keeping busy while students are off-campus

It's what you might call a college's dream - having too many students. And right now, Culver-Stockton College in is living that dream.

"Right now we're projecting 340 new students." said Director of Admissions Misty McBee.

That's an increase of about 60 more students than the college is used to seeing at the start of the year.

"Our retention of our returning students is holding very well, well above our average which is great, around 77%." McBee said.

But there is one downside to a growing enrollment - housing.

McBee said the school is 'making all of our renovations just to make room for this class'.

Johnson Hall is just one of those renovations.

The four-story dorm currently has three dormitory floors, with a basement occupied by administrative offices. Those offices soon will be gutted and transformed into dorms for incoming students.

The school is also taking advantage of space that is rarely used, like dorm lounges, which will be turned into new quad dorms for students.

Dean of the college Dr. Dan Silber says the work will be done before the fall semester, just in time to welcome Culver-Stockton's newest faculty member.

"This is a particularly exciting time for us because we have Dr. Kelly Thompson starting as our president for us on July 1st." he said.

Culver-Stockton held a welcoming meeting for Dr. Thompson Thursday night.