Crystal Ball Skating Rink keeps on rollin'

Crystal Ball Skating Rink reopens for business

Generations of Carthage, Illinois natives have skated at the Crystal Ball Skating Rink, and thanks to the generosity of many, that tradition will continue.

Bonnie Bentzinger, the owner of Crystal Ball Skating Rink explains the family history of the rink.

"The roller skating rink was actually started by my father and his brother when he was 16-years-old. Now, it hasn't always been in this location, but it was about 77 years ago when my father and his brother opened this rink," Bentzinger said.

Recently the cost and energy required to keep up the roller skating rink became too much for Bentzinger to handle and she announced the rink might have to shut down.

The community wouldn't allow that to happen.

"I had a friend in town that said, 'this can't happen ... our kids need something to do.' They started doing fund raisers, some of the kids had bake sales. The school had a dance and raised money through the dance," Bentzinger said. "I had a couple that made a treasure chest, they sold chances on that. I had so many donations, I don't know how to thank everyone enough. Its been outstanding."

Bentzinger found her bank flooded with checks from people across the country who remembered the rink and wanted to make sure it stayed open. She is still unsure exactly how many donations she has received.

"When I unlocked the door when we first reopened there were big smiles they were so excited. It was a toss up who was more excited," Bentzinger said.

She feels responsible to the community to give the kids a fun safe place to go on the weekend.

Skaters can come try out the repaired roller skating rink on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.