Crop circle makes local farmer scratch his head

The view from this farmer's combine / KHQA's Melissa Shriver

UPDATED: July 8 at 5:10p.m.

Is it a hoax, a UFO or mother nature's idea of a joke?

A Cass County farmer discovered the crop circle from the cab of his combine last week. He was surprised to say the he took these pictures with his camera phone. He searched the site for any sign of footprints. He never found any human tracks. Later on a couple of UFO and crop circle enthusiasts including a group called the Burke, Levengood, Talbott Research Team came in to look more thoroughly.

All they found was a few stalks of wheat laid down as if a deer had passed through, but they were unable to confirm anything.

Regardless of how it showed's impressive. From an untrained eye the stalks are perfectly laid down in a circle. The kernels in the wheat are still intact...and from a distance it's downright eerie.

Even two weeks later the crop circle sticks out like a sore thumb in this harvested wheat field. But it turns out this may not be the first time something like this has happened on this piece of ground.

Dave Spears' family farmed this field until just a couple of years ago. Normally it was planted with pumpkins and melons...but back in 1991 it was all sweet corn. They had an aerial picture taken that year. When it arrived they saw a crop circle in the photo behind the house.

Spears said, "We never even noticed until someone came over to our house and pointed it out."

That field was also the site for some weird double produce. Spears says conjoined watermelons, cantalopes and pumpkins like this always raised an eyebrow. There's no answer for the oddities in this area.

Spears said, "It's's just weird."

The Cass County farmer who found the crop circle *this* time says this discovery is no blessing. He's got a full answering machine from UFO and crop circle enthusiasts to prove it.

He believes it may have been caused somehow by the wind...or someone with a lot of time on his hands.

Either way, he says if there is a next time, he just might just plow it under.

UPDATED: July 8 at 11:47 a.m.

From the center of the crop circle, KHQA's Melissa Shriver said the view is "creepy and weird."

The owner of the land, who still wishes for us to keep his name private, allowed Melissa onto his property Friday to get a look firsthand at the matted down circle.

Prank or no prank, it's apparent to Melissa that many, many people have been out to visit the circle in a wheat field.

Before the public new about it, the Cass County farmer was the first to look for tracks ... human or otherwise ... hoping to prove that the crop circle was man-made.

A group called Burke, Levengood, Talbott Research Team came in to look more thoroughly.

They found a few stalks of wheat laid down as if a deer had passed through, but they were unable to confirm that any of the tracks were from humans in order to prove that the circle was man-made.

UFO spotters and crop circle specialists are now calling the land owner day and night, and he is not a happy camper. Next time he finds a crop circle he may just plow it under.

He did comment to Melissa that whoever made it did a good job.

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One Cass County farmer was combining his wheat field when he got quite a surprise.

The first thing he said was, "What the heck is this?"

As he looked out over the field, he saw a huge crop circle.

It was 60 feet across and perfectly round.

Some crop circle enthusiast groups visited the field last weekend. They concentrated on finding tracks ... anything to prove that the crop circle was man-made.

They did find wheat toppled in one place, but were unable to agree if they were natural or man-made, although no footprints were seen.

That means no answers for this farmer who doesn't want his name shared.

I will be headed out to speak some more with him before too long, so make sure you check back to this story!

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