Critters accused of starting Quincy house fire

Smoke pours out of roof of a house on North 5th Street in Quincy.

Two Quincy residents are counting their blessings after the house they were in caught fire.

A neighbor was driving by the home on North 5th Street just before 8 o'clock Friday morning when they saw smoke coming from the roof.

They went to the front door and alerted the people inside, who were sleeping.

Assistant Fire Chief Rob Tipton says the fire was electrical and had smoldered long enough to catch some insulation on fire.

The residents told KHQA there had been a family of raccoons living in the attic recently.

Assistant Chief Tipton says it looks like the raccoons had chewed through wire which caused the whole situation.

"This is a pretty unique incident. We do have instances when people have their eves or their gutters where there is a place opened up that makes an ideal place for raccoons or squirrels. Those types of animals can damage the internal system," Tipton said.

Assistant Chief Tipton says it's a good idea to inspect the outside of your home a few times a year for a similar situation.

While it is extremely rare, it can happen, and you could avoid a similar outcome if you're familiar with all aspects of your house.