Crime drop continues for HQBD

For the fifth straight year, the number of reported crimes in the downtown Quincy area has dropped and officials are citing several reasons for the decline.

Lori Boren is one of the managers at One Restaurant and Bar. That business is one of several open evenings in the Historic Quincy Business District. She believes more nighttime customer traffic means more safety.

"Yes, a lot of foot traffic, different businesses open and if anybody sees anything suspicious going on they'll call 911 ... police are down here already. We have no problems," Boren said.

Since 2007, crime has dropped 38 percent in the area considered the Historic Quincy Business District - from the river to 12th, State over to Broadway. The executive director of the district sees many reasons for the drop in reported crimes.

"Obviously, a lot of crimes are crimes of opportunity and when we have restaurants and a few more bars, even, businesses that are open for longer portions of that 24-hour day, the fewer opportunities exists," Travis Brown said.

Deputy Police Chief Curt Kelty said the department does patrol the downtown area, but is cautious about taking too much credit for the decline in crime because the department would be likely to get the blame when crime increases. But he offered an interesting observation about why we see these drops in crime numbers ... "One burglar can commit a lot of crimes so, by sending that one person away, it can make a big dent in number of burglaries we have in an area," Kelty said.

Brown also said the lower crime rate helps attract more commercial business to the downtown area. But that is just one of the many selling points he can use when trying to land another business in the 75-square block area.