Creating a legacy outside of Flinn Memorial Stadium


ake a walk outside of any major sports arena or public venue and there's a strong chance you will see a sidewalk full of commemorative paver stones that have been sold and put into place.

That same thing is happening outside of Flinn Memorial Stadium in Quincy and it's the Quincy Public Schools Foundation that is taking orders and in charge of this new project designed to raise money for the foundation.

The pavers come in two sizes. For $100, you can get a four inch by eight inch black granite paver that will allow you to have five lines of text and 20 characters per line. For $200, you can select the eight inch by eight inch paver and that will get let you have up to 10 lines of test and 20 characters per line as well.

"We have a fabulous opportunity to to raise quite a bit of money for our kids in the public schools. We have a lot of needs in the classroom as well as total district needs. We have a tremendous need for technology, we always want to upgrade our curriculum and fine arts and athletic venues. There is no place better then the Quincy Public Schools," Julie Ross, executive of the Quincy Public Schools Foundation, said.

The area where the pavers are being placed is adjacent to the center entrance at the stadium. The area where the pavers are being placed is approximately 25 feet by 60 feet and Ross said it will hold about 5,000 of the granite paver bricks.

She said they don't expect it to sell out over the next few months, but they are planning for the future.

"We choose Flinn Stadium because even if you go through the Quincy Public Schools and never attend a game and not involved in extra curriculars. But if you graduate and the weather is nice, you still graduate at Flinn stadium. And this is the place you can bring your kids back to and you can show them, this is the door you walked through and here is a paver to commemorate that occasion in your life," Ross said.

For more information you can contact the foundation at 217-228-7158 ext. 2256 or visit them online at or

The foundation was created in 1989 and since that time is has allocated approximately $2,000,000 to educators and programs within the Quincy Public School District.