Create an exercise plan catered to you

The road to fitness isn't always easy or enjoyable but there are simple steps you can take to make working out fun and convenient for you.

Personal Trainer, Brian Pahlmann says the first thing you should do doesn't involve breaking a sweat, its all mental. You need to ask yourself ...

"... What is your motivation, why do you want to start exercising?" Pahlmann asks. "Second, what are you goals, what is your long term goal?"

Once you've identified your goals, choose exercises that will help you reach them.

"They need to decide what they like to do," Pahlmann said. "So if you're new to exercise try a variety of exercises to find what works for you. Find something you enjoy because you're more likely to stick with it later on."

If you need that extra motivation to get you going, get a workout buddy.

"People like the accountability," Pahlmann said. "They have people waiting on them, they know they have to be there."

And when you get sore from all this working out, don't look at it as punishment.

"My point of view is you've earned it," Pahlmann said. "That means you've worked hard enough to get sore."

But none of this hard work will pay off if you're not consistent.

"If you want progress you need to do the work," Pahlmann said.

So start working and make that road to fitness a unique one geared towards you.

Get a quick workout routine, here.

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