Crafting some money for the Sammy Fund

This weekend is the Sammy Fund fundraiser ... there's a golf tournament, and fun run walk, but there's another way you can help contribute.

This year you can shop around at a craft and artisan show at the Quincy Mall Community Room this Saturday from ten to four.

The show is the work of the Between Friends organization. They are a group of about 40 artisans who got together a few years ago.

They still meet twice a month and make their crafts.

A few years ago they had so many crafts they didn't know what to do with them, so they decided to sell them and donate the money to the Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund.

That's set up in honor of Samantha Otte and benefits youth organizations.

For the past four years, the Between Friends organization has sold their crafts at other places, but this year it's new at the Quincy Mall.

Roberta Hirstius says, "We encourage everyone to come out and do their Christmas shopping with us. Not only is it handmade here in Quincy, but the funds also go to a very excellent cause."

The show itself is free, and there are also donations of jewelry, pottery, and artwork from the Great River Artisans.

To date, this group has donated eight thousand dollars to the Sammy Fund.