Crack cocaine sale leads to arrest in Quincy

T he West Central Illinois Drug Task Force and the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force team up to arrest two Hannibal residents in Quincy on felony drug charges.

The investigation began in Hannibal after undercover drug agents began following 41 year old Tina Lynn Marshall and 26 year old S.V. Thomas.

That investigation led officers to Quincy, where agents from the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force got involved and saw the Hannibal pair sell some crack cocaine to a confidential source near 12th and Broadway on Thursday afternoon.

Cops pulled the pair over after the "buy" and Thomas was found to be in possession of about $700 in marked money.

Marshall now faces charges of delivery of a controlled substance and controlled substance trafficking, while Thomas faces charges of controlled substance trafficking,

Besides the two drug task forces, officers from the the Quincy Police Department were involved in the case as well.