Courthouse security prepares for the worst

Threats and strong emotions can be all too familiar at the courthouse these days.

That's why Adams County courthouse security trained for the inevitable this weekend. Officers practiced searching for hidden threats in a courtroom. They also got a refresher for daily routines that can easily turn into a dangerous situation such as prisoner transfers. Because courthouse security officers typically carry mase, a taser and a night stick, officers also practiced how to make the most of what they have to keep courtrooms safe.

"Articles such as x-ray machines, etc. are only part of the equation, but they need to have the people skills, the reactionary skills to be able to deal with an active threat inside of a courtroom or courthouse," said training director Ron Yanor.

The Adams County courthouse also trained using new security features. The courthouse recently received a grant from the state that added a new x-ray machine, metal detector, a bullet proof podium and about 40 new cameras surrounding the building.