Courtesy Rides in Quincy

Sometimes is good to let loose and have a good time.

But when that happens, you also have to be responsible.

A Quincy man found that out the hard way, and has turned a tragedy into something positive.

You know it can be fuzzy after you've had a little too much to drink. But one thing should be clear. You should never get behind the wheel if you've been drinking.

That's where Jonathan Schoenakase comes in. He offers a service called Courtesy Rides.

"I had a friend that was killed by a drunk driver. And last Christmas Eve, I tried to get a cab after the bars closed. I had to end up walking and I felt Quincy needs a service like this," says Schoenakase.

That service? You call Jonathan if you need a ride home.

"I don't expect nobody to pay me. I want people to know I'll get them home regardless of where you the Quincy area. If they choose to tip me, that's fine I appreciate it," says Schoenakase.

Schoenakase started Courtesy Ride on New Year's Eve. Since then, he's only had two days off. You can call him anytime between 5:00pm and 4:00am and he'll pick you and take you home.

"My philosophy is friends don't let friends drive drunk, and I consider everyone in Quincy my friend," says Schoenakase.

Courtesy Rides has gotten so popular, Schoenakase has added a second car and another driver to help him.

"I'll get 20 to 40 pick ups a night on the weekend. I go all over town," says Schoenakase.

Besides offering the service, Schoenakase has a lot of fun too.

"I communicate with everyone that rides with me. I make them laugh. They can listen to any kind of music they want to listen to," says Schoenakase.

Schoenakase admits he likes to slip in his own CD from time to time. He says his riders love the song 'Sic 'em on a Chicken' by the Zac Brown Band. He says it makes them laugh. It also keeps them and you safe.

Schoenakase is also thinking about hosting an appreciation picnic next month.

He's also toying with the idea of getting some local sponsors to kick in some gifts so he can give them away on the rides...sort of like the show Cash Cab.

And if you're wondering how Schoenakase spends his days...he's a full time student at John Wood Community College.

KHQA asked him when he finds time to sleep.

He said "what's sleep?"

And if you're wanting to get in contact with Jonathan Schoenakase, either for a ride, or to help him out in any other way, you can call him at 309-826-8930.