County Market stores work together during recovery

Teamwork is the key to success in any business.

And over the last few days, thanks to the help of employees at the County Market store in Palmyra, residents who normally use the Hannibal store had a place to go to get the supplies they needed.

Wednesday afternoon was a busy one at the

Hannibal County Market store

. The power came back on around 2:15 in the afternoon.

And from that time forward the staff was busy cleaning up the store and restocking the shelves, getting ready for a target opening of 5 p.m.

Store Director Steve Hoffman says that when the power went out his team went right into action.

"First thing we do is cover all our freezers and coolers with plastic and try to hold all the cold we can in. That gives us a couple of hours before we have to make a decision," Hoffman said.

Cooling trailers were used to store new supplies until the power came back on.

While the doors of the Hannibal store were closed, the doors of the Palmyra store were open and ready to serve the needs of the people looking to get the necessities they needed.

Hilary Fessenden, the customer service manager at the Palmyra County Market said, "When we found out that County Market in Hannibal had closed and Walmart and Aldi's, we figured they'd be coming up this way. This would be the closest grocery store for them."

Although it was much quieter on Wednesday afternoon when we were there, I was told that the night before all 4 registers were going non-stop and that people were lined up getting groceries.

With things getting back to normal in Hannibal, Store Director Steve Hoffman says his team is pushing to make sure that their customers get what they need.

"It's a sense of urgency of getting open for our customers. We know everybody's been without food and that's our main goal is to get it open and get our customers, be able to get them through the front door and get them some groceries," Hoffman said.

Two dumpsters full of spoiled and unsafe food had to be discarded.

Teams from the County Market stores in Quincy are also pitching in to help get the store back up on its feet.

The store should be fully operational by 9 a.m. on Thursday.