Country gospel lovers gather for Quincy convention

More than 150 country gospel artists are showcasing their talents in Quincy this week.

The Country Gospel Music Association's Central States Convention started tonight at the Rock Church in Quincy.

The CGMA was founded in 1996 by Pastor Bill Hale, who says he was called out of full time preaching to start the group.

Since then it has grown to include more than 6 thousand members.

We asked Pastor Hale to explain why this music has remained so popular over the years.

"With it's affiliation with country and everybody loving country, the country sound is the most popular in America, together with that sound and the gospel words, it makes its impression both in the gospel field and the country field," Hale said.

This weeks convention in Quincy is one of seven per year the group holds all over the county.

Thirty-eight awards will also be given out before the weeklong convention is over.