Council passes Quincy city budget

The Quincy City Council approved a $31 point 2-million dollar general fund budget Monday night.

But not without some discussion to amend it to withhold raises for elected officials, department heads and non-union workers.

In the end, the budget was approved along partisan lines.

With two aldermen absent, the vote was 7 to 5 in favor of approval, with the democrats voting in favor and republicans voting against passage.

The measure requires 8 yes votes, so Mayor John Spring cast the deciding vote.

Also Monday night, the council approved increases in water and sewer rates by the same 8 to 5 margin.


Posted Monday afternoon, 4/27/09

The Quincy city council is expected to pass a $31.2 million dollar budget Monday night for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

Rajah Maples spoke with Mayor John Spring for this KHQA FactFinder Report.

Mayor Spring says the highlight of the budget is the fact that the city is fiscally sound, especially during this recession.

He told us the city has done a good job of watching its expenses and thus, has been able to carry over a generous amount of money from this past year's budget.

Spring says the city will not have to reduce any services to residents.

The mayor says there are always going to be capital needs due to aging infrastructure and equipment.

A majority of this year's capital money will go towards neighborhood improvements.

Spring says, "We are required by ordinance to pass the balanced budget prior to our last meeting. I guess if you look at it at face value, that would mean we'd have to pass a budget by April 30th at midnight."