Council gives QPD green light on police spending

The Quincy Police Department has received a green light to spend money on its in-car camera system.

Tuesday night, the city council approved a two-year maintenance agreement with CDS Office Technologies.

That means the city will spend $4,530 to maintain its existing in-car camera system.

The council also agreed to spend more than $9,000 for chemical munition and Taser equipment.

Chief Rob Copley said the requests are routine and have nothing to do with the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

KHQA asked Copley whether the police department had any intentions of buying body cameras.

"I would like to get body cameras," he said. "There are two issues - 1.) the money to purchase them and 2.) In Illinois, the eavesdropping laws prohibit you from recording someone else, even the police officer in the circumstances we'd be wearing them."

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled the state's eavesdropping law unconstitutional earlier this year.

However, Chief Copley said the Illinois Chiefs of Police is advising departments not to make any protocol changes until they see what happens with that law.