Could meth be in your neighborhood?

Douglas Rainey lives on a quiet street in Quincy's historic district, but last Wednesday the picturesque block was the site of a meth bust.

"I think it unnerves a little bit because we have a few kids and just to think they're outside playing and that they're susceptible to being around that," Rainey said.

Rainy and his family live only houses away from where investigators arrested Jerrit Eli Hartman, 29, of 1201 Park Place on charges related to methamphetamine manufacturing. Something he never thought could happen.

"It kind of shocks you to see a nice old home ... to see that type of stuff happen," Rainy said.

"Really anywhere these people can gather the materials and out this stuff together, we found that they'll do it," Jon Barnard, Adams County State's Attorney said.

But that wasn't the only arrest for the week. Thursday Joe Niffen, 44, of 1404 N. 26th St., was arrested at his home, where investigators say meth was ready for delivery.

"I wish I could report to you that this doesn't happen very often or that meth use is on a downward trend, but that does not appear to be the case," Barnard said.

Niffen's meth use was no surprise to his neighbors. He was previously arrested on meth charges last October. Neighbors wouldn't go on camera because they were fearful of what would happen to them if Niffen was released. They also said they still see members of his crew coming by his house.

"It is not uncommon for us to charge someone after they've been arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine and if their on bond they'll turn right around and go out and make more and use more," Barnard said.

So what can the community do to stop this drug from filtering onto the streets?

"It's a combination of educating our kids to help them realize just how poisonous this stuff is combined with enforcement efforts that make it clear to those who do make the decision to get involved with manufacturing methamphetamine the price will be steep," Barnard said.

The last set of meth arrests happened Friday at the Quincy Inn and Suites where five people were arrested for aggravated participation in meth manufacturing.

At this time the Adams County State's attorney says these arrest are not related but if further investigations show otherwise, he would not be surprised.