Cost to improve wastewater treatment will roll down to Quincy customers

Quincy residents could pay a lot more for sewer and water service.

That's if a new plan to handle waste water is approved by the

Illinois EPA

. The plan calls for the addition of nine box culverts to the treatment process.

The upgrades are needed to meet requirements of the EPA that say 85 percent of wastewater must be captured.

The box culverts would take overflow wastewater and recycle it back to the treatment plant.

Currently, residents pay around $128 for this service. By 2033, that cost would jump to $575.

Despite the cost, Director of Utilities David Kent says this is an important project that has to be done.

"It's important because were going to provide a cleaner discharge of water to the Mississippi River which people use for recreational purposes. We use it for drinking water purposes. So it's very important that we do everything we possibly can to clean up our source water supply," Kent said.

The review by the Illinois EPA could take several months and the report also could be submitted for review to the

U.S. EPA offices

If approved, the project will take 10 years to complete at a cost of a about $59,000,000.

A public hearing will be scheduled to give residents a chance to voice their thoughts on the project.