Cop impersonator patrolling streets in Morgan, Sangamon County

Authorities released two new composite sketches describing what the suspect looks like.

Sangamon County investigators released composite sketches of a man impersonating a police officer.

The release came after law enforcement agencies in Sangamon and Morgan counties received reports of a man driving a car similar to police cruisers stopping women.

Two incidents took place Feb. 22 and 23 in Morgan County along Illinois 104. Women reported that a white car attempted to stop them.

At least three incidents were reported in Sangamon County along Old Jacksonville Road.

A man pulled over a 16-year-old girl near Berlin shortly before 2 a.m. Feb. 17. The girl stopped when a small white sedan flashed a rotating white light at her. The car was dented, in poor condition and had a different colored hood.

The man subjected the girl to a field sobriety test, then told her to sit in his car, where he touched her inappropriately. The teenager punched the man and got to her car and drove away.

A second female driver gave the same description of the man's car, but this time, it flashed blue and red lights at her while traveling on Old Jacksonville Road. near Farmingdale Road west of Springfield.

Sangamon County Undersheriff Jack Campbell said similar reports surfaced out of Macoupin County.

The man is described as a thin, in his 50s, about 5'10" to 6' tall, with a higher pitched voice and a southern accent.

The man would face misdemeanor and felony charges of impersonating a police officer and assault.

Sgt. Jim Tapscott of the Sangamon County Sheriff's Department said if you are ever unsure whether a person pulling you over is a real officer, do not increase your speed. Call 911, tell your location to dispatch and the operator will tell you if it's okay.

If you do not have a phone, Tapscott says to drive to the nearest police department or a place you feel safe. He says it's a protocol with many law enforcement agencies, not to pull someone over in an unmarked police car.

Anyone with information should call the Morgan County Sheriff's Department at 217-245-4143, the Sangamon County Sheriff's Department at 217-753-6666, or Crime Stoppers at 217-243-7300.