Coordinator wants to create more awareness

More than 100,000 people get help filling their cupboards each month, thanks to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

Earlier this month, the food bank named a new regional coordinator for six counties in Northeast Missouri and those counties include; Clark, Scotland, Lewis, Knox, Marion and Shelby.

Tamara Reed has been on the job for only a week, but she already understands how important the food bank for Central and Northeast Missouri is to local food pantries.

"You know, when one out of six people have food insecurity, it's time that we, as communities, address it," Reed said.

And that's what she's doing. Reed said it's her job to travel her six-county region and make sure the food pantries are getting what they need from her agency based in Columbia.

Dave Dexheimer said the Douglass Community Center would not be able to do much for people who are going hungry without the monthly delivery from the Central and Northeast Missouri food bank.

"We know that what we get from the food bank, with the number of families that are in need right now, there's no way we can provide enough food for any family to last the entire month," Dexheimer said.

As Reed settles into her new job, she wants you to know any help you can offer can make a big difference for the thousands of people served.

"I think it's a challenge to create the awareness in some of the areas. Because, like anything else, where there's a need, those who work in the field know the need. But those who don't work in the field or don't know the need, they kind of sometimes have a blind side to it," Reed said.

The Douglass Community Center serves about 400 families a month through its monthly food distribution program.