Coolbyke in Hannibal burlgarized

Allen Vaughn / Hannibal Police Dept.

UPDATED: March 25 at 11:00 a.m.

Police say three males broke into Coolbyke, stealing everything from bikes and skateboards to clothing. But the owners say they are not going to let this get them down.

Coolbyke owner James Zimmerman never expected to see his store torn apart last Thursday.

Zimmerman said, "I was shocked but it was like what do I need to do."

Burglars had knocked out a garage door window and then went into the store, breaking a security window in a steel door to get inside. When they got there they crawled on the floor and disabled the security cameras.

They took a Pro BMX bike, a skateboard and clothing. But even after stealing $400 worth of merchandise, they came back for more the next night (Thursday night). They broke in the same way, this time through boarded up windows and doors. But when they came in they destroyed several bikes in front of the door.

Zimmerman said, "The place was broken into again. A lot more damages.The place looked like a hurricane went through. They went through all the shoe boxes trying on shoes and stuff."

Zimmerman spent the night in his store Friday and Saturday nights, but when he left Sunday night the burglars came back with a vengeance.

Zimmerman said, "Out of the three times the third time was the worst. That's when they took the most amount of money and did a ton of damages."

The burglars stole three bikes, and more clothing. In all the burglars took more than 52 shirts and many hooded sweatshirts.

After the third incident Zimmerman said he had been mad before, but that was when he had enough.

Zimmerman said, "The adrenaline was rushing, like we're going to get these guys. So we jumped in the truck and went downtown, the whole time on the phone with the people who were watching them riding our bikes around. That's when we saw the kids walking around. I just happened to notice them and a logo on a shirt that we just got in. I looked around and they had all of our clothing on. They were like walking billboards."

The police eventually caught all three suspects: 21 year old Quantrell T. Brookins, 17 year old Allen T. Vaughn and a 15 year old male.

Zimmerman say he's glad they're behind bars, but he's still dealing with the financial toll they caused his business. He's out more than seven thousand dollars in loss and damage to his store and merchandise. It's a lot to a small business, already dealing with a tight economy and the slowest time of the year for sales.

Zimmerman said, "I still have bills coming in monthly that I have to take care of. It will be a hardship but I will come through it."

But Zimmermann says he's not going to let this get him down. In the meantime he's purchased a new high tech security system to prevent this in the future.

Coolbyke's owner James Zimmerman wants to thank the community for its support.

He says if it hadn't been for crime tips given to him and the police, they would have never been able to catch the culprits.


Three people were arrested after a series of burglary's at a Hannibal store. Quantrell Brookins, Allen Vaughn and a 15-year-old male all of Hannibal were arrested Monday.

Police say the three broke into Coolbyke in the Huck Finn Shopping Center. Bicycles, clothing and other items were stolen. The burlgaries happened over three days last week.

Brookins and Vaughn were placed on 24 hour holds at the Marion County Jail. The male juvenile was taken into custody by the Juvenile Justice Center and placed in Juvenile Detention.