Cookout hits a Johnsonville homerun for Horizons in Quincy

Sometimes one of the biggest questions in the office around the noon hour is, what to do for lunch?

That was an easy answer for some today ... they paid just two bucks for a brat, chips and a drink at the 24th and Spring County Market store in Quincy.

The cookout was a benefit for the Horizons Social Services


The soup kitchen at St. John's Church at 7th and Hampshire provides a free meal to anyone in need.

Sarah Stephens is the executive director of the agency and she said no one expected this type of turnout.

"We had no idea that we would have this kind of a turnout today. It's a beautiful day and once again we're blessed to be operating in a community that cares so much about giving back to the poor and needy in this community. So it's been awesome," Stephens said.

The fundraiser sold 1,600 brats in four hours.

The Horizons soup kitchen is open Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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