Continued donations for Blessing Breast Center patients

Blessing Breast Center received a nice donation Thursday morning.

If you recall, just a few weeks ago, it held an event with Emerald City Jewelers called the Diamond Dig.

Thursday, more than two thousand five hundred and seventy dollars was donated to the breast center. This money will go to helping patients pay for mammograms, and other tests, but the women who go to Blessing aren't the only ones impacted by this donation.

"This benefits the women in our community, but not only the women themselves, but their families ... Their husband, their children," Blessing Breast Center's Lori Wilke said. "If one is diagnosed, it not only affects her, but the entire family."

"It's so nice to have everyone participate and join together in the community, to be able to help those people who really need it," Sheri Busse with Emerald City Jewelers said.

If you would still like to donate, you can buy t-shirts. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Blessing Breast Cancer Center.