Consolidating may cause division

The proposed three-school consolidation of Bushnell, Abingdon and Avon will be on Tuesday's primary ballot.

You can see voters' opinions just by reading signs in front yards.

But is this vote causing friction between neighbors?

"Absolutely the community is divided over the consolidation," a Bushnell resident named Billie McDonald said.

McDonald is voting no to the consolidation at Tuesday's primary, a decision that has turned some neighbors against each other.

"It has caused so much bitterness, people aren't getting along, people that have been friends all their lives are now divided and it's a shame that it's came to this," McDonald said.

The division has even caused vandalism.

"Like my signs beings stolen and my neighbors signs being stolen," Janice Troutman, another Bushnell resident, said. "It's probably kids but they might hear it from their folks and get the idea to take them down."

Troutman had a video camera set up in her yard after her "Vote Yes" signs were continuously stolen. But the division doesn't stop there, it's even been taken to social media.

"I've seen people talk back and forth about it on Facebook," Laurie Paquette said. "On my friends sites that I have here, there has been a little bit of arguing back and forth."

Laurie Paquette is a new Bushnell resident. She doesn't know much about the consolidation, other than it's going to be a difficult vote for residents on both sides of the issue.

"It's a hard choice because you have to choose what's better for your kids education," Paquette said.

A choice some residents are determined to not let divide personal relationships.

"I have friends that are for it and I have friends that are against it and they're going to maintain being my friends," McDonald said. "We're a great neighborhood and we're great friends and we're going to continue to stay that way."