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We looked back through our archives once again to find out what the Top 10 most read stories were on ... this time for 2012.

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Number 10:

Baby Ella: A long recovery ahead

QUINCY, ILL. -- Her story has touched hearts around the world -- the heroic rescue of Baby Ella Cain by two Quincy firefighters on Jan. 3, 2012. It's a reminder for all of us, of how precious life is and the lengths many people will go to hold on to it.

Number 9:

New laws for Illinois in 2012


With a list of more than 200 new laws for Illinois ranging from seat belts in the back seat to truck drivers and their cell phones, you wanted to know many of these new laws before you got behind the wheel in 2012.

Number 8:

Local woman killed in ATV crash

CLAYTON, ILL. -- Adams County Sheriff's Deputies said Sarah Birsic, 25, died at Blessing Hospital from injuries she suffered while riding as a passenger on an ATV driven by Andrew Koster, 30, of Michigan. The accident occurred at 2950 N. 920th Pl. in Clayton, on property owned by Golden Triangle Whitetails.

Number 7:

Warsaw police bust two on meth charges

WARSAW, ILL. -- A domestic disturbance in Warsaw, Illinois led to a methamphetamine arrest of two people.

Number 6:

Palmyra teacher, coach arrested on sex charges

PALMYRA, ILL. -- A recently terminated Palmyra High School teacher was arrested on charges of statutory rape, statutory sodomy and felony sexual contact with a student while on public school property.

Number 5:

Apartment building fire in downtown Hamilton


An apartment building fire that spread through several buildings from 9th to 10th on Broadway claimed the life of five-month-old Jillian Lorigan. A total of 18 people were rescued from the blaze.

Number 4:

First snow storm for the Tri-States

TRI-STATE AREA -- The Tri-States faced advisories ranging from Blizzard Warnings in Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois to Winter Storm Warnings and High Wind Advisories throughout. Snow totals in the Tri-State area ranged from one to seven inches with snow drifts in some areas reported to be as high as four feet tall leaving many motorists waiting for accidents to be cleared or calling for help from the ditch.

Number 3:

Boy with autism arrested for assault after police called classroom

QUINCY, ILL. -- A Quincy mother was upset over the way she said school officials treated her son who has autism during an incident at Baldwin South Intermediate School. Brandi Kirchner said that her 9-year-old son Roger Parker, Jr. had "a meltdown" during class. Parker was taken into custody, but Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley says he was not photographed or finger printed. The situation prompted a closer look at the treatment of students with special needs within the school system.

Number 2:

Bottled fetuses found in Hannibal basement

HANNIBAL, MO. -- Two fetuses were found by contractors in jars in the basement of a Hannibal property that was once the site of a clinic. Marion County Coroner Darrell McCoy said he looked at the findings and the fetuses appeared between 50- and 60-years-old making gender identification difficult. He also determined that they appeared to be at 20 weeks and 26 weeks in development. After the discovery was made public, the community came together to give the fetuses a proper burial. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: KHQA links to videos that show graphic imagery.

And the Number 1 story in 2011:

Beardstown car accident claims the life of Adams County teenager

BEARDSTOWN, ILL. -- Brianna Baker, 19, of LaPrairie died in a one-car accident following a high-speed pursuit. The driver of the car, Jacob Hendricks, led police through Brown, Cass and Morgan Counties before the Chevy pickup containing six people was found on its nose after snapping a utility pole in half. The incident prompted a closer look at police proceedure regarding high-speed chases.

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