Congressman Phil Hare secures money for Carthage

Congressman Phil Hare (D, IL - 17) was in Hancock County Saturday, May 22nd.

Hare helped secure $2.43 million worth of funds by working with Marine Bank and the Rural Development office of the USDA.

These funds come in the form of a loan with really good terms and will be used to rennovate the old Carthage College campus.

Some of those buildings have already been renovated by Prarieland Investment Group and are in use, but many others need to be torn down or fixed up.

The democratic congressman was in the building that is currently used by Carthage Veterinary Services.

He talked about how this is more than just an investment in a once beautiful campus.

"It is wonderful for this community, they have a brand new hospital here and now this. I think this is a way you get things moving again. This money came out of American Reinvestment Act funding and it's a great way to jump start the economy here, because this area of west central Illinois has been hit pretty hard as you know," said Hare.

We also talked a member of the group that owns the old campus.

Doctor Doug Groth is a vet and owns Carthage Veterinarian Services. He's also a partner in the Prarieland Investment Group.

We asked him what's next for this property.

"Our vision is to help grow the campus theme on the training side and grow on the side of swine business and swine health and also branch out into some of the other agricultural avenues as well on the training side," said Groth.

One of the projects currently under way is across the street from the old Carthage College campus.

A building is being turned into the Charger Community Center that will have an auditorium and gym.