Congressman Phil Hare meets angry crowd

Healthcare reform was a hot topic in Quincy Thursday, April 1st.

Congressman Phil Hare (D - IL) has been holding discussions on the newly enacted health care reform bill.

He was at the Quincy Senior and Family Resource center Thursday to go over the benefits of the bill, but the crowd didn't see it that way.

"If the constitutionality of this bill wants to be challenged I think people have the right to do that, but I have to tell you where I came from on this bill. I asked a veteran of the house 'was there t his much volatility when social security was passed? He said 'Oh, absolutely',"

Congressman Hare stressed that this bill will help insure 30 million currently un-insured Americans.

He added if you currently have insurance, you do not have to change anything.

Congressman Phil Hare has been facing scrutiny after a healthcare discussion in Quincy Thursday.

At the Quincy Family and Resource Center Thursday afternoon the democrat was faced with tough questions and plenty of criticism as he talked about the newly enacted healthcare reform bill.

Some video from this meeting has been posted on you tube claiming Congressman Hare doesn't care about the constitution.

We tried to contact Congressman Hare to get his side, but were unable to reach him at any of his offices

Congressman Phil Hare on YouTube