Congressional candidate talks jobs in Quincy

Mellon details his 10 point jobs plan

Rob Mellon

is tired of the gridlock in Congress.

The Quincy teacher has decided to step up to challenge and try to get the 18th Congressional District seat currently held by

Aaron Schock


On Monday, Mellon introduced his 10 point jobs plan and his no-nonsense approach to the problems in Washington if elected.

It was a message that Quincian Rob Schutte was eager to hear. He says he is frustrated with how congress is treating the American worker.

"They want to beat the working man down," Schutte said. "He's got no more to give. We're gonna have to start bringing him up so that he's got more to give, more to pay."

Schutte came to hear Congressional candidate Quincian Rob Mellon speak about his 10 point jobs plan for the nation and other issues.

One of the goals of that plan would be to create a WPA-style program to put veterans back to work.

"The unemployment rate for our veterans is higher than the national average," Mellon said. "There are more veterans on food stamps than the national average. And it's just that there's real difficulty for them to transition. These jobs would be specific, similar to their military jobs. Maybe in law enforcement or construction."

Rob Mellon says his message will not sit well with many leaders in Congress.

"The traditional party leadership on either side won't like what I have to say," Mellon said. "Because I'm attacking both sides. If it's wrong, it's wrong. Corruption is corruption."

Mellon says his job plan would create immediate and noticeable results.

"An improvement in the road conditions. The safety of our jobs. They would notice increased teachers in the classroom. For their students, lowering the class sizes. The would notice increased firefighters, first responders and police officers, those would be immediate. And these would be higher paying skilled jobs," Mellon said.

Shutte says he likes what he heard from Rob Mellon.

"Rob's the only guy right now that is on this level that wants to do this," Schutte said. "He's gonna have a job ahead of him. But I think that man is well enough versed and done his homework that he's the man that can get it done. And if he does get it done it's gonna do nothing but help us."

You can find out more about Rob Mellon's 10 point jobs plan and his view on other issues by clicking