Confusion at the Quincy Public Library

Quincy Public Library, Google Maps satellite view /

It was a busy day at the Quincy Public Library.

The doors opened Tuesday showing off the new renovations after it was closed for two weeks.

There is only one entrance to the library ... off of Jersey and 5th Street.

Walking in, you see a new circulation desk.

Some other changes you will see are a bigger meeting room and a larger senior services center.

This is only phase one of the construction. The next step is renovating the Annex to the library.

Quincy Public Library Executive Director Nancy Dolan says, "They started already working in there last week as we were finishing and getting the rest of our things moved over here. So for the next five months they'll be renovating in that building, and then we'll move the children's department there."

After phase two is complete, there will be just a few more things to renovate.

Construction is expected to be done next spring.A

Click here to see a diagram of what the inside of the library looks like now.

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We have heard that there's been confusion recently. Because of the renovations, the facility is open but has moved locations. The adult section is now in the Library Annex. That is located at 515 York Street on the south side of the library complex. It is a smaller space, but they are making the best of it.

"It's a little bit tight but we do have almost all of our books available. We have computers for internet use. We have some tables for working space, programming just has to be held off site right now," said Executive Director of the Quincy Public Library Nancy Dolan.

The children's books are still in the main building and are accessible from the bottom parking lot.

For more information about the renovations click here.