Conflicting reports of missing Hannibal woman

Photo Credit: Submitted photo

More questions than answers in the case of Christina Whittaker.

She's the Hannibal woman who's been missing since November 13th.

Some media agencies report Whittaker may have been spotted early Sunday morning in the Peoria area.

KHQA spoke with Captain Jim Hark with the Hannibal Police Department Wednesday afternoon about that.

He told us his department was aware of the possible sighting on Monday, but after an investigation by HPD and police in the Peoria area, nothing substantial was found.

The department is still following leads and would like any tips you may have.

However, Hark tells KHQA any lead that's based on rumor can really hamper the investigation.

The Hannibal Courier Post spoke exclusively with a waitress who said she waited on someone who could have been Whittaker on Sunday.

That waitress claims it was Whittaker, but that her red hair had been dyed dark brown or black.

If you'd like to read that article, here's a link:

The Hannibal Police also says it's spoken to that waitress, but that conversation didn't help the investigation.

This case is also getting some national attention.

CNN's Nancy Grace has a link to the story on her website, and tonight at 7:30, Brent Engel is set to be interviewed about the case on CNN Headline News.