Concrete or Brick? The debate on Hannibal's sidewalks

Residents speak out against laying in brick sidewalks along Main Street. 6/6/11

Hannibal property owners will have to wait at least another week to find out if their voices were truly heard Monday night. Two residents spoke to the Hannibal City Council this evening in regards to a proposal to lay brick sidewalks along 4 blocks of Main Street.

The city says the project will help rejuvenate the city's downtown appeal, but residents say the project is not necessary and too expensive during a time when money is needed elsewhere.

Resident Sarah Anton North says the financial costs to property owners are substantial when comparing the costs for new concrete sidewalks. North estimates roughly $600 for concrete versus $10,500 for bricks.

After listening to the residents' concerns, Mayor Roy Hark told the crowd a decision could not be made Monday because the issue was not listed in the agenda. He said he will take the residents' statements into consideration and will follow up with the issue at a later date.