Concerned citizens call for U.S. Hwy. 54 upgrades

There's a group of cities and local officials that would like to see U.S. Highway 54 upgraded from it's current two lane status.

Right now, the highway from Mexico east through Bowling Green and to Louisiana is two lane.

This also includes the Champ Clark bridge that crosses the Mississippi River at Louisiana.

You'll remember less than a week ago a man lost his life in an accident on that very same bridge. Click here to read that story.

We spoke with the Missouri Department of Transportation Monday about what it might take to upgrade the highway to four lane and also see a new bridge built to replace the old Champ Clark bridge.

"The Champ Clark bridge has been identified as a priority for MoDOT and for the state. But unfortunately the funding isn't there right now. We're going to continue to work towards that if we can get additional funding, that is going to move right up there. We want to construct it," said Marisa Brown Ellison who is with the Northeast regional MoDOT office in Hannibal.

We'll also spoke with the Mayor of Louisiana, Tom Wallace, about efforts several cities are undertaking to get try and see the highway plan come to fruition.

"When MoDOT has the funds and they're ready to put us on the number one priority for that, we will aid and assist them and make it a reality," said Wallace.

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