Computer program helps improve student scores in Clark County

An unexpected problem with multiple choice questions was one of the catalysts that inspired a Clark County school district to start using a new program that has produced some amazing test results.

KHQA went to Running Fox Elementary School in Wayland to find out more about the program called Study Island . To coin a phrase ... this is not your grandmothers classroom.

Worksheets have been replaced by iPads in this classroom at Running Fox Elementary School in Clark County, Missouri.

The room is strangely silent as the kids get right to work on the program.

Kathy Wells is the Title 1 Reading teacher at the school and I asked her to tell us just what Study Island is all about.

"Study Island is designed to help prepare the students for the end of the year MAP tests . As well as look at what they've covered with GLE's which is Grade Level Expectations. And now they're tying them to Common Core ," Wells said.

Study Island is used only to supplement the regular classroom studies.

Kathy Wells says the school has seen some amazing results.

"We've had, in the past 4 years, at least 2 classes, maybe 3, that have 90 percent or above if you average the class out, that many kids scored advanced and proficient on the end of the year MAP tests," she said.

Kathy says another great benefit of the program is that it teaches the kids to take personal responsibility for their education by giving each student individualized goals and a clear way to achieve them. And they can chart their progress on this shooting star goal setting display in the hallway.

"I think that Study Island has helped them to really want to do well and to work towards, you know, achieving high standards. And we have high expectations for our kids," Kathy Wells said.

Standards and expectations that these kids are meeting and beating thanks in part to this new educational tool called Study Island.

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