Community helps mark teen's death

Last weekend Austin Hampton passed away after the car he was in rolled down a driveway and hit a tree.

The Hannibal community is coming together to raise money for a local teenager's grave marker.

Last weekend Hannibal teenager Austin Hampton died after the car he was in rolled down a driveway and hit a tree.

Now his friends and family are doing everything they can to keep his memory alive.

"The day after or even the day that he died his friends just swarmed to my house," said Jeana Hampton, Austin's mom. "I mean the outpouring of support was just amazing."

Jeana Hampton is now missing a piece of her family, but what helps fill the gap is the support of her son's friends.

"It just makes me feel good that I can help out in any way and show that I loved him," said Catie Altheide, a t-shirt fundraiser organizer.

Catie Altheide is just one of the many Hannibal High School students who wants to set Austin's memory in stone.

"We're selling "You mad Bro?" t-shirts to help out his mom get a headstone from his family," said Chasen Lampton, Austin's best friend.

The money raised from the t-shirts will go to help pay Austin's medical expenses from the accident and to purchase a stone for him at Grand View Burial Park. The shirts read, â??You mad, Bro?â?? on the front, with â??I ainâ??t mad, Iâ??m with Jesus.â?? on the back included with Hamptonâ??s date of birth and date of death.

"Austin always said "You mad Bro?" if he was playing a video game or something or if you just got in a silly argument he would say "you mad bro?" so we found a way to put it with where he is now and show that he's in a better place," said Altheide.

Over 130 shirts have already been sold, something that brings Austin's friends and family comfort.

"It makes me feel really good that I had a kid that was friends with everybody no matter who they were," said Hampton. "He didn't care he just wanted to be friends with everybody."

You can get your t-shirt order in until Tuesday. To purchase the shirts, contact Johnna Lasby, Chasen Lampton, Catie Altheide and Tessa McClean at Hannibal High School or you can call Jeana Hampton at (573)795-0153 to place an order.

When all costs are paid, remaining money will be donated to the Pirate Fund.